Friday, March 28, 2014

Things to Do Over Spring Break

We're going to be off for the next 10 days so here are a few things to keep you busy.  Below you will find:

   1.  Information about Cesar Chavez whose birthday is March 31.

2.  Information about April Fool's Day, April 1.
3.  Lyrics & music of Tom Jones singing It's Not Unusual.
4. An online link to our Level 7/8 text Touchstone 4
5.  Vocabulary review from this week's Level 7/8 class.
6.  Vocabulary review from this week's Level 5/6 class.

Cesar Chavez


To read a good biography of Cesar Chavez with some wonderful photos, click here

To see a clip from the movie CESAR CHAVEZ which is in movie theaters now click here.  (For some reason this link is very slow....sorry.)

A Fool

Click here for a lesson about April Fool's Day.  There are a lot of activities you can do with this, including listening activities.  While you read the article, look out for British spelling of some words!

Ready to dance?  Here's TOM JONES singing IT'S NOT UNUSUAL:

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone
but when I see you hanging about with anyone
It's not unusual to see me cry,
oh I wanna' die
It's not unusual to go out at any time
but when I see you out and about it's such a crime
if you should ever want to be loved by anyone,
It's not unusual it happens every day no matter what you say
you find it happens all the time
love will never do what you want it to

why can't this crazy love be mine
It's not unusual, to be mad with anyone
It's not unusual, to be sad with anyone
but if I ever find that you've changed at anytime
it's not unusual to find out that I'm in love with you


OK, time to calm down now! Here's  a link to the Touchstone Arcade.  #4 goes with our Level 7/8 text book.

To practice vocabulary from Unit 6 of Touchstone 4 click here. (Level7/8)

To practice some vocabulary and idioms from the house click here.  (Level 5/6)

Be sure to do the harder vocabulary exercises and not the easy spelling ones.

Okay, bye for now!  See you in April.

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