Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's Your Name?

Here's some information about names:

You always use a title with a last name:

·         Mr. Cen
·         Ms. Chau
·         President Ho
·         Dr. Nguyen

If you are a married woman, you can use Mrs. only with your husband’s last name.

You are Mary Smith.
Your husband is Peter Jones.
You are Mrs. Jones or Ms. Smith. Mrs. Smith is your mother.

In general, children take their father’s last name.  For example, Mary Smith and Peter Jones have a daughter, Amy.  Her name would be Amy Jones.  Sometimes, people hyphenate their last names.  Then Amy’s name would be Amy Smith-Jones.  This is called a hyphenated name.

If you are introduced to someone, but you didn’t hear or understand their name:

·         Sorry, I didn’t catch your name. (informal)
·         What was your name again?
·         Please repeat your name.
·         Could you tell me your name again?
·         Please pronounce your name for me.

If you forgot someone’s name:

·         I’m sorry, could you tell me your name again?
·         I’m really bad with names; could you tell me your name again?
·         Please remind me of your name.

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