Friday, September 12, 2014

Calling All Students!

We've had a very tough week dealing with the telephone!  

Before we get to work, here's an old song about a telephone number:  

To practice some of this week's vocabulary click here.  Remember, if you can't get to the premium activities,  log in as VOTPstudent.  Your password is 750.  You should be able to do all the games and take the vocabulary test too.  If you have a problem, please tell me or email me at

Remember when you are talking on the phone or leaving a message, it can help to spell things out.  Sometimes, though, that can be confusing too.  In that case it's handy to say, "A as in apple, B as in ball," etc. Here's one I got on the internet, but most words can work.

Finally, here are some of our idioms for this week.  Do you know what they mean?

*take a crack at something
*over my head
*knock it off
*wrap it up

Bye for now! 

 (Hi Marie; hope you had a safe trip!)

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