Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Since we've been concentrating on job interviews this week, we don't have a lot of vocabulary.  You can practice (a rather strange assortment of words) here.

This week's idioms were:

  • to be bummed out
  • to throw in the towel
  • to give someone a hard time
  • to let someone have it
  • to clean up (pronoun) act

I will take next weekend off for Thanksgiving  and be back in December.  Until then I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is the best holiday we have, and it's a holiday for everyone everywhere because it is not from any religion or any culture.  It is simply a day to say thank you for everything you have:

your family
your health
the roof over your head
the food on your table
your friends
your work
your school 
your ability to read in at least 2 languages
and ....

And , I want to say Thank you to you for reading this.

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