Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's Been An Exciting Week...

in San Francisco!

First the Giants won the World Series and there was a GIANT parade Friday for them. And to give you a taste of a Giants game and why Giants fans don't stop believing, here's Steve Perry singing:  

 Friday was also Halloween.  In honor of Halloween we read this is class:

Two Witches 
       By Alexander Resnikoff
There was a witch.
The witch had an itch.
The itch was so itchy.
 It gave her a twitch.
Another witch admired the witch, so she started twitching though she had no itch.
Now both of them twitch, so it's hard to tell which witch has the itch ,and which witch has the twitch.

If you want to hear me reading the poem, click  here.

And this week in class we had the most wonderful presentations from all the students.  All I can say is:

  • Way to Go!
  • You Knocked Them Dead!
  • You Rock!

We'll be back to our regular work next week and more vocabulary.

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